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English with Mary Moore is an institute for English language based in San Diego, California, USA. It had its humble beginnings in October 30, 2006 when a venturesome young lady tried this century’s technology to teach English using the virtual classroom type.

Mary D. Moore, a Mass Communication major from her home town's leading university and an ESL certified had gradually gained acceptance from among her clienteles.
Before long, she realized that she needed to add in more personnel to serve the growing number of students.
In less that two years, EWMM has around 50 part time American teachers from one old PC , one student,and one teacher.
EWMM is proud to have penetrated several clientele from many different countries all over the globe as of yet.

To be a totally relevant institute for world class learners who are ready to face the challenges of  career or academic world and make a difference through a flawless and powerful communicative ability

Through an interdisciplinary English teaching, EWMM intends to develop eloquent, self-confident learners who can utilize their communicative competence for self-actualization as they grow in stature before God and men.
Course Coverage A personalized course coverage will be designed to suit everyone's need. It will be mailed to the client prior to the class.
Course length will vary depending on the client's communicative needs. A special module will be designed by a consultant upon thorough diagnosis of a client's linguistic needs.
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