for Trial Class

for Enrollment
1. Download at least one of the following chatrooms:
2. After downloading , add the following ID's:
3. After downloading , send an online message to Mary Moore for your diagnostic test and interview.
4. You will be receiving your test result right after the interview. Presciribing of books and other learning materials are also done during this stage.
5. Your teacher's skype ID will be given to you right after you have accomplished stages 1 to 4.
6. You may now call up Sunghoon Oh, EWMM's Country Director in Korea for enrollment. ( Contact number will be given by the CEO right after your interview)
7. Fill up the PERSONAL DATA SHEET in this website.
8. Click here to download the contract and email it back to
Course Coverage A personalized course coverage will be designed to suit everyone's need. It will be mailed to the client prior to the class.
Course length will vary depending on the client's communicative needs. A special module will be designed by a consultant upon thorough diagnosis of a client's linguistic needs.
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