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English with Mary Moore is an institute for English language based in San Diego, California, USA. It had its humble beginnings in October 30, 2006


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NINE YEARS of untarnished excellence on a global scale

With our competent teachers and WIN SYSTEM there's no reason for you to fail.


ENGLISH WITH MARY MOORE'S "WIN SYSTEM" trains the language learners how to learn and use language to better understand themselves in relation to their faculties and talents for effective and successful communication on a day to day basis. Through seminars, workshops, private on-site or off-site training the students of English with Mary Moore, LLC learn through "WIN SYSTEM". WIN is an acronym for WHOLISTIC, INTER-DISCIPLINARY, and NOVEL.

Let us help you learn English and put your LIFE in perspective through our WIN Method.

Once you have taken English with Mary Moore's WIN SYSTEM of English Language Teaching, you will discover the three dimensions of English language in the context of GAINING INFLUENCE, RESPECT and SUCCESS in the 21st century. English, being the lingua franca in this century will usher in your highest achievements if properly learned and utilized.

Regardless of your status in life, your educational level or your status quo in general, EWMM's WIN SYSTEM will help you achieve your loftiest dreams.

Language Learning as a TOOL for SUCCESS, through English with Mary Moore's WIN SYSTEM:

  1. The traditional method of English language learning is the best foundation for learning a language; the incorporation of mass media and social media tools enriches the system.
  2. The learners are human beings who are endowed with great destiny and divinely equipped with extraordinary gifts for the betterment of mankind. Excellent linguistic ability with the right attitude will help the learners achieve their most coveted goals.
  3. WIN SYSTEM does not only teach English language effectively, it also intends to ignite one's passion in the attainment of life's greatest purpose.
  1. WIN SYSTEM, through its interdisciplinary language teaching methods, molds your character and develops/enhances your communicative competence. Your communicative competence and your character determine your success.
  2. WIN SYSTEM makes language learning easy for everyone from all walks of life, from a six-year old to a sixty-five year old. Every learning experience with EWMM,LLC is an enjoyable and productive experience. Coupled with its rigid integration of life skills, one will surely acquire or regain the zest for achievements.
  3. WIN SYSTEM makes you a sure winner! With WIN's novel way of English teaching, integrated with positive values education, every learning task ushers you to a new world of success.

We make sure that through the WIN SYSTEM, you will be able to:

  • ATTAIN SUCCESS in both scholastic and career endeavors

W.I.N. creates a culture of WINNING!

THE WIN SUCCESS PATH of English with Mary Moore

THE WIN SUCCESS PATH takes you to the top through English learning at English with Mary Moore. WIN SYSTEM is a hybrid of the traditional methods interspersed with the relevant 21st century life skills and laden with positive values that will serve as a key to your personal, academic and corporate success.

Your Success Path using the WIN SYSTEM of English with Mary Moore:

  • Learn at English at English with Mary Moore's WIN SYSTEM
  • Discover your destiny
  • Discover and harness your potentials
  • Learn and apply self- discipline
  • Work on your passion
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Learn how to SUCCEED in the 21st century

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The English with Mary Moore's WIN SYSTEM resources will:

  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Develop Positive and Resolute Character
  • Enhance Relationships
  • Increase Effectiveness
  • Enhance Success

Developing English Communication Skills while enhancing your life skills in the 21st century strengthens your CHARACTER and will create CHARACTER CENTERED COMMUNICATION! Communication Effectiveness is the natural result from dedicated work with the EWMM's WIN SYSTEM.

The ANCHOR, the COMPASS, the RUDDER and the WIND

The ANCHOR, the COMPASS, the RUDDER and the WIND PHILOSOPHY is the BLOODLINE of English with Mary Moore's WIN SYSTEM.

Have you spent years trying to learn English yet continually fail or do you speak excellent English and yet a failure in life?

For several decades, English learning seems to be anchored merely on the linguistic acquisition. Students need to be aware that LIFE AND LANGUAGE are interconnected; one can not be without the other. For this reason, many speak and write flawless English but still fail in life.

The trouble with the common and current English teaching curriculum is the embellishment of "hypes" or the sugar coating rather than hitting the nail and hammering it in. WIN SYSTEM is one of a kind philosophy which does not separate LANGUAGE and LIFE. Thus, we choose SERVICE to mankind as our main BUSINESS; not business out of teaching. Having that as our philosophy, our students do not miss the most important tools for success– the anchor which is the knowledge of their real identity, their purpose and their potentials. WIN SYSTEM ushers them to the compass which points on FOCUS AND DIRECTION. Ultimately gives them the RUDDER, that is life skill acquisition needed for the 21st century and their communicative competence which is the wind that will put them to the shores of success. In doing this, our learners do not miss the real essence of learning English, which is to SUCCEED in their daily sail of life.

The ANCHOR, the COMPASS, the RUDDER and the WIND

WIN SYSTEM makes English language learning EASY, FUN and MEANINGFUL.

WIN SYSTEM of English with Mary Moore incorporates The ANCHOR, the COMPASS, the STEERING WHEEL and the WIND philosophy in its curricula in all levels.

The English with Mary Moore WIN SYSTEM IS YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS!

English with Mary Moore provides one on one coaching, seminars, and workshops to strengthen English skills and over all communicative skills and students, employees, employers, organizations, and departments, discover their great future ahead of them through the WIN SYSTEM. The WIN SYSTEM trains individuals and groups the KEY FACTORS that determine success: LANGUAGE, LIFE, ATTITUDE, FAITH to communicate efficiently, productively and effectively. English with Mary Moore is dedicated in “helping you speak the languages of success!” You can be a student, an employee, or a businessperson, WIN SYSTEM is for you.

Many times, what may appear to be a difficulty in learning English, management, racial, gender, class, or other issues may only be a communication issue. For example, a grade school student may have a hard time learning English not because of the lack of skills for language learning but might only be an issue of self confidence. A manager who might find it challenging to manage a diverse group might not be an issue of poor management skills but a shortage of communication skills. The WIN SYSTEM can identify the communication and situation issues that help build effective life management to achieve the maximum efficiency. The goal of WIN SYSTEM is to help people (and organizations) reach their full potential through character, communication, and effectiveness. The most successful way to teach English or any language is to profile every student from the beginning through a diagnostic level and personality test which includes the linguistic competence and attitude. By profiling all students at onetime, WIN SYSTEM can provide a better guidepost for the teachers, parents, students, managers, or leaders. Through one on one coaching, speaking events, workshops and corporate training, WIN SYSTEM has successfully reached out to over 5,000 students all over the world in the span of nine years.

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